1. Coyote, mid ritual. #southland http://ift.tt/1pywACR


  2. Yesterday’s heron. http://ift.tt/1tTzvtK



  4. My butterfly hero. http://ift.tt/1oxL899


  5. #southland goes to rest. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show! http://ift.tt/1lKskyF


  6. The smallest tumbleweed in #southland. http://ift.tt/1rKbDJJ


  7. Stills from Southland {this is what i know about love}, by The Royal Society (http://omgtheroyalsociety.com).

    Final show tonight in Greenwood, Seattle- for more details click here.


  8. @crillabean tuning before the show. #southland http://ift.tt/1zeEicn


  9. @omgtheroyalsociety making prints for #southland http://ift.tt/1lCwoRJ



  11. @zazadpm brought home this crazy dahlia. http://ift.tt/1ly64YV


  12. Driftwood goliath. http://ift.tt/1nhxXsT


  13. Stills from Southland {this is what I know about love.}


    Southland is a piece born out of cumulative reflections on love, place, time, and the intrinsic self. The body of the piece originated from a series of texts by The Royal Society co-founder Lylli Meredith, examining how her childhood in the South and subsequent departures, arrivals, and study of love shaped her own ideas about the stories we tell by way of defining self, belonging, and the principles we choose in our navigation of life. A collaborative effort of the last six months, Southland has become a collective rumination on how memory acts as a means of mythologizing our past, thereby offering up a reflection of what we hold as essential to our deepest selves.


  14. For when you’re wondering how wet or dry something is. http://ift.tt/1pfYDrO


  15. @zazadpm and I gave ourselves too much time to build a fire pit on the beach. http://ift.tt/1mS79yt