1. My mom’s friends coffee shop is part cafe, part doll house museum. If in Suwon, I highly recommend a visit! http://ift.tt/1t7WCCx
    #nofilter #dollhouse #korea #vangogh http://ift.tt/1s1wOTn


  2. Shrouded terraces.

    Banaue, Philippines.


  3. Reflections of Banaue.

    Banaue, Philippines. 


  4. Gray Jays want ramen.

    (Secret Location), Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Cascades, Washington State.

    (Travis and Lylli, you guys were totally right about these friendly/needy little dudes.)


  5. Room with a view.

    Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Cascades, Washington


  6. Above and below.

    Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Cascades, Washington.


  7. Arrowslit ajumma.

    Suwon Hwaesong Fortress.


  8. Rooftop gardener in Suwon, South Korea.


  9. confined/constrained.

    Suwon, South Korea


  10. Cloudboy weeps.

    Cloudboy is something I came up with in the depths of a rainy Seattle winter. This is the first time I’ve incorporated him into one of my photos, one of Suwon Jeil Church, near where I’m staying in South Korea for the next couple months.


  11. Doodled my ideal #robot today. All it does is serve bibimbap. #doodle #korea #optimisticaboutthefuture http://ift.tt/1xguo8G


  12. Moon over the reservoir. http://ift.tt/1uoOHRK


  13. Clay courts in Gongju. http://ift.tt/1uoOG0g


  14. After school school. http://ift.tt/1pKTQNB


  15. Best persimmon I’ve ever eaten, from my aunt’s tree. #sothisiswhattheyresupposedtotastelike http://ift.tt/1oxSdU5