2. #streetart at the dry cleaners. http://ift.tt/1mcHy5D


  3. Doing what we do. http://ift.tt/1sqTCgm


  4. Sidewalk clouds. #streetart http://ift.tt/1t9FjRe


  5. Whoa there, flower. http://ift.tt/1t8GNLF



  7. Romanticized candle.

    Shot of me in Queets, Washington on July 4th, 2014


  8. The coast was ours.

    Queets, Washington.


  9. Workers, terracing the roads.

    Banaue, Philippines.


  10. Experimenting with isolated colors from an empty warehouse in Manila.

    (aka, playing with the color picker tool in photoshop.)



  12. Dance dance dance.

    Dancer: Lorraine Lau

    Shot in Washington Hall, Seattle.


  13. Indeed it was. http://ift.tt/1pxYMuH


  14. Bottom bunk nappin. http://ift.tt/1B8a0sC


  15. Sunrise from the Leap Watch.

    Frye Island, Maine