1. Dance dance dance.

    Dancer: Lorraine Lau

    Shot in Washington Hall, Seattle.


  2. Indeed it was. http://ift.tt/1pxYMuH


  3. Bottom bunk nappin. http://ift.tt/1B8a0sC


  4. Sunrise from the Leap Watch.

    Frye Island, Maine


  5. 5:50am. (Should’ve waited 10 minutes.) #nofilter http://ift.tt/1qR1NW2


  6. View from the dock, 5:40am. #nofilter http://ift.tt/1qQWdmN


  7. Muse-ings.

    Queets, Washington.


  8. How to move really really big underwater rocks. http://ift.tt/1pmA54p


  9. Yard work find. http://ift.tt/1puAVuj


  10. In my element. http://ift.tt/1qdwvoh


  11. The mighty Merrimack. http://ift.tt/1upQQxu


  12. Back at the start. http://ift.tt/1oFzAME


  13. Bubbles at sunset. http://ift.tt/VdHw0v


  14. Waiting for super moon. http://ift.tt/XdkYPh


  15. Back at the start. http://ift.tt/1kUJ3oF