1. Best persimmon I’ve ever eaten, from my aunt’s tree. #sothisiswhattheyresupposedtotastelike http://ift.tt/1oxSdU5


  2. A thousand homes. http://ift.tt/ZnPU0h

    Suwon, South Korea



  4. Ajusshi. 

    Suwon, South Korea


  5. Korean anatomy lesson. #graffiti http://ift.tt/Yg4IN2


  6. My view for the next couple months. http://ift.tt/1vlfePc


  7. Birthday hike for this newly minted 25 year old! http://ift.tt/Y5ng2P


  8. You’re my friend now. http://ift.tt/1mQ1awS


  9. Alpine lake Rorschach test. http://ift.tt/1xdizmu



  11. #streetart at the dry cleaners. http://ift.tt/1mcHy5D


  12. Doing what we do. http://ift.tt/1sqTCgm


  13. Sidewalk clouds. #streetart http://ift.tt/1t9FjRe


  14. Whoa there, flower. http://ift.tt/1t8GNLF